You Can Achieve Your Dreams With Belief, Planning & Determination

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Take Action Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams!

Margaret had taken a redundancy package and this was her last week at work. She couldn’t wait for the first day of the rest of her life! This evening she was meeting her work mates for a pub meal, there would be some sad farewells then her new life would begin.

A couple of months ago when voluntary redundancy was announced she had decided to make her longheld dream a reality. She would move to Spain. Her boys were grown up with lives of their own she was free now to make it happen.

But first she would need a home business to support her, her redundancy money would be her security, the money from her house sale would buy her somewhere in Spain. She had spent many holidays there and prices were cheaper than in England that would give her spare cash. She couldn’t wait to see the sun virtually every day, what a difference it would make to her SAD disorder that made her so depressed in the dark days of winter.

Margaret had been scouring the internet for home based business ideas for ages. She was reasonably competent on a computer and loved writing stories as a hobby but had never managed to get anything published, but now with Kindle, maybe there was a chance.

Her friend Madge had recently started a small business in her spare time, something called affiliate marketing, where she sold other peoples’ products. It was early days but she had made a few sales, this gave Margaret confidence that a home business could work. The company that had set Margaret up had other business start-up plans. She was lucky to have found one that would show her how to market  e-books and embrace her love of writing, and create a business. She had already started the course and couldn’t wait to work on it fulltime.

Her plans were to build her business over the next year or two, she had already arranged a part-time job at the local pub a few evenings a week. That would give her time to decide where in Spain she would like to live. Time to find a perfect little house there, maybe start to learn the language, and soon she would be able to move to Spain.

She couldn’t wait to start living her dream!

So if you have a dream, don’t let it waste away, with careful planning belief in yourself and determination you too can live your dream!

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Good To Meet You

Good To Meet You

A Book that might help you believe in yourself:

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy

A favorite book of mine, I have re-read many times. It is still available. This book demonstrates how your sub-conscious mind supports you if you learn to listen to the messages it sends, sometimes in the form of intuition. How to “go with the flow” and let success happen rather than fight it. Success can be curing ill-health, reaching financial freedom or to succeed in whatever area your goals lie.

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