Would You Choose a Lakeside Office?

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 102_0379The beauty of this business means you can run it anywhere, and I’ve just bought a caravan. It’s a static caravan, so we don’t block the roads and cause traffic jams! It is on a lovely site in Lincolnshire, a few miles from where my 90+ year old mother lives and gives me easy access to visit.102_0387

 Touring caravans are also present in little private alcoves among the trees, and beyond are 5 acres of beautiful fishing lakes. It has also won the Bellamy award for natural habitat. There are acres of trees with mown paths beneath, a wonderful peaceful getaway.

102_0406 On the lakes are ducks and geese, with their flotillas of babies following. The surprising thing is the different ages and sizes of the offspring from recently hatched to half grown. The fish make circles in the water and a few fishermen sit on the banks in solitary silence.

 Among the trees are wild roses, and bushes full of purple flowers, wild yellow flags, also know as irises, line the banks of the lakes together with rushes. Water lilies furnish the still pools. Cabins also available, hug the banks with there small flower gardens. Peace and tranquility are all around.

 Now if I had a “normal” job I wouldn’t be able to work from such surroundings for very extended weekends. So for the next 10 days this will be my home, I have my trusted laptop with me and my printer, and can work just as efficiently here as in any old office as long as I stay motivated.

 So how do I stay motivated

A plan or schedule is the answer. Decide what you are going to achieve each day. Make a list and enjoy doing it, and ticking off the results. Remember I suggested choosing a niche that you were passionate about, something you would be happy spending long hours researching. Think of the customers you will be helping to reach their dreams and you can work from wherever you please, a coffee house in London, or some other great city anywhere in the world. Maybe you would choose a holiday location or your own bedroom.

You make the choices.102_0380

All you have to do is make an unwavering decision to build your business, put in some consistent regular effort to build it to the revenue you require, and in a relatively short time enjoy your new freedom. It may be hard at first fitting in a full-time job spending time with friends and family and building a business.

 It’s a case of choices. How much socializing time you allow yourself, or TV time, something has to give. You may have to set the alarm a little earlier or sometimes burn the midnight oil, but make a plan and get the help of your loved ones to support you in your venture, they will benefit too long term.

 For further information leave a comment……We would love to hear from you!

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