Why We Set-up a Affiliate Marketing Business

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Live your life how you choose

Live your life how you choose

What made us choose an affiliate marketing business? It all started a decade or more ago. I first became aware of internet marketing when I bought information products from Andrew Reynolds a now well known Entrepreneur, often seen on TV and in magazines and newspapers. I bought his Internet Marketing course and a number of DVD’s. Over the years I spent time as a member of Nick James Membership Site, he is a great guy, who was always friendly and helpful and even gave me his home phone number and called me to help with technical problems. I’m sure many people can relate to this never ending search for success.

It was during this time I came into contact with Chris Farrell, who at the time was a beginner too. Look at his progress now he has his own Membership website and his own following of beginners. He specializes in helping absolute beginners, whereas I think Nick’s followers are more technically adept.

 I also bought products from Neil Stafford and joined his Membership website. His products too were great and he is a genuine family man, keen to help anyone who is prepared to put in the time and effort. I built a few websites, but I didn’t really “get it”

Or make progress until more recently when “I got serious”. My daughter and I attended one of his weekend courses on affiliate marketing. It was a great course and convinced us it was the way forward.

Change Your Life!

Change Your Life!

She has a marketing degree and was very skeptical, especially after my long history of little progress.

 But why Affiliate Marketing

 We chose affiliate marketing because all you have to do is choose great products prepared by other people, so no logistics to worry about, there is a set plan. Emails sales letters, and banners are usually provided and come with the product, so it makes setting up a business much simpler. Often lessons and tips on marketing are provided.

What we were looking for was a business we could work from home wherever that happened to be and as we are planning to move to Spain later this year, it was the obvious choice. All delivery is taken care of for you, payments and customer service too. All you need is a laptop and internet connection and time effort and determination to make it a success and look after your customers. For me warm winters, and an exciting new venture was what I was looking for, and when I come back to England in the summertime if it becomes too hot for me, my business will come with me – it’s all online.

Take Action Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams!

 If you are looking for a flexible, portable business, something that can grow out of a hobby into a paying business, and grow according to the time and effort you put in, this could be what you are looking for. Many hobbies and interests can be suitable, golf and other sports, dog training, great parenting, dieting etc. If there is a magazine about it there is a good chance you can make a business from it. So if you need to build a business to improve your future, or to subsidize your pensionable years, start a hobby business now!

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