Why don’t we learn from Our Mistakes?

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Keep Learning

Keep Learning


I recently had a visit from a very able student, who through lack of planning and diligent preparation had made life difficult for herself. It is a few weeks to exam-time and looking at her lecture notes she could make no sense of them. She had forgotten every thing she wrote!

Now her friend had been methodical and immediately after her lectures had written up her notes fully so that she could understand them. She then made a point of reading through her notes often, which allowed the details to sink into her memory and reinforce her learning. So that when exam-time came she was able to revise easily and sit the exam with confidence.

We are all different and sometimes we make life harder for ourselves and don’t plan our projects and new ventures so that we can achieve the best possible results in the least time. We need to look at the bigger picture and decide on a strategy before we begin, in order to reach our goals in the shortest easiest way.

 The time spent planning is worth its weight in gold and is far better than blindly pushing on and hoping for the best. Viewed in retrospect we can see what we could have done. When you work a plan you can see what isn’t working and adjust you plan to rectify the problem.

It isn’t until we “get serious”, make a plan and stick to it with determination and passion and a clear view of the goal ahead that we make really progress.

Just try this and see what a difference it makes.

Review your overall plan and break it down into individual tasks, with time allotted. Work out the best strategies to achieve your goals, decide on tasks that suit your ability and strengths, outsource or find help for problem areas.

Work on your project diligently and with passion, visualize daily how great it will be to live your dream. Belief in yourself and see the amazing difference this will make to your progress.

I have 3 books I would like to recommend:                                    

Mind Power

Tap Into The Power Within


“The Power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy

This is a book I have read many times, I feel the mind is little understood and we are capable of so much more than we think we can. It is highly motivational.

 “Psycho-cybernetics 2000” by Maxwell Maltz

You may find several additions of his book. It will help you develop a plan of action, offers anti-stress techniques and personal development. It has been read by more than 30 million readers worldwide, see what it can do for you.

“Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success”

This work examines the 17 principles needed to succeed, that he found present in all the of successful



people he interviewed, an interesting inspiring book.

Let us all learn from our mistakes and let this be the year we all make great progress.


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