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Last night we watched a program about super-foods and how good were they for us. Yes food and cooking programs seem to be the current level of entertainment on TV; last week it was alcohol consumption! However none of this seems to change the eating habits of the nation. Perhaps we are all confused by the mixed messages we receive.

The program began with a selection of super-foods collected from the shelves, followed by a selection of cheaper alternatives. These were then all scientifically tested to discover the effects on our bodies. This is what I gleaned from the program.

It was discovered the super Goji berries equalled strawberries; smoothies with all their great fresh ingredients, made little difference when they were inside us. Egg and bacon, yes fried eggs,(because they didn’t absorb fat) were an equally good breakfast as fruit and yoghurt or whole grain cereal. Plus the advantage of eggs and bacon was, it kept you feeling fuller for longer and you ate less later. It would seem the great “British Breakfast” is back or could it be “Go to work on an egg”, we will again be seeing on billboards.

The scare of a few weeks ago re bacon and cooked meats, no-longer seemed important! We have had varying thoughts on butter, coffee, chocolate and other foods over the years, views change like the weather! The outcome seems to be eat a healthy varied diet, all things in moderation and stay healthy!

Also, as I’ve seen documented before, the detox diet was a total waste of money and left some of the participants feeling worse than the control group. Oh, and vitamins could be a waste of money, or worse. Personally I am convinced vitamin c clears a cold quickly, or maybe it is the placebo effect!

The body is a marvellous machine that converts what we put into it, into what it needs and as long as we don’t abuse it we will stay healthy.

So ditch the stress, stop worrying, enjoy life, the outdoors, fresh air and exercise. I think the Figeans have it right it is said their aim of life, is to be happy!  A pretty good aim don’t you think!

Have you ever wondered how you can leave the rate race behind and live on a desert island, well we haven’t managed that but we do winter in Spain and our summers are spent by fishing lakes in the Lincolnshire countryside.

I work at home, where ever that happens to be, on my laptop enjoying time and location freedom. If you would like to sample the lifestyle too, begin part-time, give up some TV and invest in your future.

Affiliate marketing is the simplest starting-point online. With the guidance of a good coach and mentor providing tried and tested products, professionally prepared sales pages and marketing training, you can soon begin earning and see if the lifestyle would suit you. I love it, the satisfaction of seeing your business grow, knowing you are helping your customers, and being able to enjoy the time and location freedom the lifestyle allows you.

This could be just what you have been looking for, best wishes for an exciting happy healthy future.

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