What Is Your Passion?

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 So from my lovely sunny office (my caravan near to the lakes) I continue…..102_0387

How would you like orders coming in whilst you enjoy the peaceful pleasures of nature all around?

Yesterday, friends and family from far and wide came to visit our retreat and celebrate my birthday. Bringing flowers and greeting cards and a steady flow of cans and bottles to help the evening go with a swing! Aberdeen Angus burgers scented the air as other residents walked by to the entertainment at the club house. We had our own entertainment as we caught up with the lives of friends.

Candles flickered in the night air as a sunny day turned into a balmy night. Laughter and soft music, in the breeze, friends reunited and stories told.

Now, we are the lucky ones, we can stay in our chosen spot, while today guests have returned home for another working week. Back to their jobs in offices, shops and schools in dirty towns and cities. Back to mundane lives to start another week on the treadmill of life. Are you like these people, wishing you could work by the lake, wander around the sunny paths and watch the ducks waddling by?102_0394

Maybe this isn’t your choice, but to take control of your life and see how you can do your own thing. Leave your email address and see how you too can taste freedom. 

Do it NOW!

Best wishes for your new venture.

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