What is Your Dream Ben and Fleur Have Achieved So Much What Could You Achieve

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Have you watched the growth of the celebrities on “Strictly Come Dancing”? Many were unable to dance at all a few months ago and yet with the right training, mentors, determination and practice look almost as good as the professionals.

Or the “Xfactor”, although Fleur and Ben could obviously sing before entering the “Xfactor”, with the right mentors, time and practice they have achieved phenomenal results.


If you had the right training, with time practice and determination, what could you achieve in the coming year.

What is your dream, what is your passion? What secretly would you like to achieve? Would you like your own business, or what is your dream? Do you really believe you could achieve it? Until you believe in yourself and that you can achieve your dreams, no matter how hard you try you are sabotaging your efforts. It is like driving with the brakes on you are getting nowhere.

Your first step for success is to convince yourself you can achieve your dreams. You can achieve most things if you want them badly enough and are prepared to do whatever it takes.

Find a mentor, someone who has already done what you are trying to do, or a business start-up plan, that is complete and clear in its instructions. Why waste time reinventing the wheel.

If you would like some help convincing yourself you can achieve your dream try reading some classical best sellers like:

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy

A Favorite book of mine, having re-read it many times, It is still available. This book demonstrates how your sub-conscious mind supports you if you listen to the messages it sends, sometimes in the form of intuition. Also learn how to go with the flow and let success happen rather than fight it. Success can be, curing ill-health, reaching financial freedom or to succeed in whatever area you goals lie.

Another book you could find inspiring and helpful:

Napoleon Hill’s “Keys to Success”

I have recently re-read this great book, it is great for reminding you of the qualities you should cultivate to bring about your success. 17 principles to lead you to success, the same qualities, he found in the great men he studied who were hugely successful.

You definitely need a plan in order to succeed, or you are like a captain of a ship going to sea without a destination.

Look out for future articles on goal setting and achieving your goals.

To your DREAMS

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