Tips to Save on Printing Costs – Are you paying more than you need?

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I don’t know about you but I hate reading off the screen, and print everything I want to read.  When my printer is out of action it is a nightmare!!

I have two HP printers and on these I can go into properties and change the quality to fast /draft, which is still a good quality of print, very readable but not so black and because of this it uses much less ink and your ink cartridge last longer.  I can also change the print settings to have it permanently printing fast /draft. 

Not all printers offer this facility but it’s worth trying yours and see what you think.

Where do you buy your ink?

Supermarkets and Argos now sell ink cartridges,which may be cheaper than the stationers you are using.  Some also sell their own brands.  Or you may like to try compatibles, there is a variety in quality to these,  some are guaranteed.

I often buy mine from Direct Office Consumables speak to Susan for advice on 01327 349400.  Free delivery for orders over £50.  They also supply all office equipment laptops, printers and consumables. Prices seem reasonable and discounts are available on most products

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