You are always – only one decision away from having what you want? …

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 Did you know that you are always –
only one decision away from having what you want? …            Christmas2008 152

When we say that “success starts with how you think”,
we’re not talking about the woo-woo, magic-powers
that are claimed by the New Age community or some
“law of attraction” teachers.

When we say that “You become what you think about”,
we’re not saying that you can sit around thinking about
being wealthy and suddenly money will fall out of the sky.

Lives have been destroyed and people died penniless
by trusting in such nonsense.

No, its far less risky than that. And much simpler.

Here’s how it works:

The phrase: “You become what you think about” simply means that:                  Caravan 2014 again 089

1. Your thoughts create your decisions
2. Your decisions create your actions
3. Your actions create your results.

That’s all.

“How you think” simply means that someone who
doesn’t THINK about making an apple pie for dinner
tonight will never bother looking up the recipe for an apple pie.

Without THINKING and DECIDING to make a pie….
there’s no motivation for looking up the recipe,
buying a pie crust, getting some apples or any of
the other things that are required to have a pie.That’s all.

Nothing mystical.

A person that never THINKS about or DECIDES                               102_0394
to become wealthy…..will never invest the time                           
and energy to learn how to do it.

Most people are not successful because
they never DECIDED to be successful.

^^^ Read that part again. ^^^

Most people view “wealth” or “success” as though
it’s something that might or might not happen to people.
Like it’s a rare invisible dust that lands on some people and not others.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

You can DECIDE to be wealthy. You can DECIDE to be successful.                         Christmas2008 144

Those thoughts and that decision won’t be enough
to make it happen… doesn’t happen by magic.

But, – if you never bother to have the THOUGHTS
and make the DECISION…..

….You will never bother to take action on a plan,
do the work to succeed, or do any of the things
that create success in any area of life.

(Unfortunately I don’t know who wrote this, but as I totally agree with the sentiments so I decided to share it)

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