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Starting out on the Internet can be scary it is difficult to know where to begin, so we are offering a choice of 3 simple business plans with full instructions for starting your own business.  Take a look at all comprehensive free reports by clicking the links , which would suit you best?

The Business Start-up-Plans  are the brainchild of Neil Stafford an Internet Entrepreneur and Trainer for the last two decades.  Let his experience help you.  He has helped thousands on -line achieve their goals, let him help you!

Plan 1.

Copy & Profit Blueprint – This business plan shows you how you can build a profitable business with small e-books.

“Revealed for the first time – a 15 year online marketing veteran allows you to begin copying every aspect of his successful internet business to create your own”.

The sky is the limit it’s all up to you!  Just follow the plan and watch your

business grow over the months. 

Neil provides a simple blueprint to follow in his footsteps.  These lessons speak from personal experiences of those already using the plan. The plan covers all you need to know to set up a profitable business.                                   banner1

To see the full report click the title  Copy & Profit Blueprint


Plan 2

.New Membership Blueprint – This business plan covers how to set up a membership website – which can be hugely profitable. 

So your choice is building a membership site, not the traditional time consuming way, but now you can have the plan for a tried and tested quick and easy way!

All you need is one short report created and in just 48 hours from now you can be taking orders from your own membership site

and have people paying you month after month!”

Imagine 100 members x £20 per month=£2000 monthly

200 members = £4000 monthly.

The sky is the limit it’s all up to you!  Just follow the plan and watch you business grow over the months.

Your membership site could be related to any niche from rearing puppies to preserving antique furniture, or gourmet recipes to breeding goats, just research your market for a profitable niche. the principles and techniques are the same.  All you need to know to build a profitable business fast are in the Blueprint –

For the full report click the tittle  New Membership Blueprint

Plan 3.

Your Affiliate Profit Blueprint – Probably my favorite as you don’t need a product, you sell other people’s products, this business plan gives you lots of support whilst you learn. banner9

A message from Neil the Author who has used the system disclosed for years:

“How to make more commissions as an affiliate marketer, even if you haven’t made a penny before” a business that pays out 365 days a year.  Neil provides a plan comprising of weekly lessons for the period of a year to build your business.  The lessons take only a few hours to complete and are paid for monthly.

Using a structured plan nothing is missed, you know exactly what to do next.  The plan has been tried and tested and tweaked over the years so now is the perfect way to build a business on a budget.

For a full report click the title Your Affiliate Profit Blueprint


All products  come with a full Guarantee – Neil is renown for giving great value!

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