Plan Your Strategies – Are you looking at the bigger Picture?

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Learn new skills

Learn new skills

Many years ago I took my mother to the ‘Royal Show’, an agricultural show in the Midlands.

We arrived after traveling along congested roads with hoards of traffic. It was a lovely warm and sunny day in June and we were looking forward to our day out.

Having been waved in by the parking attendant, we pulled the car in line and got out. As I turned to make a note of where we were to find the car later, I saw nearby a large tree and mentally made a note of this.

We had a great day wandering around the stalls in the sunshine and after several hours we were tired and ready to go home. We found the exit and walked over to our field. As we looked ahead at the rows of cars glinting in the sunshine, hundreds and hundreds of rows of cars, I reassured myself that as mine was an unusual sandy yellow colour and it was parked under a huge tree, it would be easy to find.

However, as we surveyed the field there were many trees and many, many cars! Eventually, exhausted by the day and the heat, we found the car and sank into the seats gratefully.

Now after many years I can laugh at our adventure, but if we had planned ahead and really looked at the bigger picture, we would have seen many trees, and made better decisions…. how much easier it would have been.

In business, plan your strategies. Decide where you want to be in 1 year 3 years 5 years etc.and break the target down into monthly and then weekly tactics. This way you clearly know your aims and can measure your progress.

Do something every day to bring you nearer to your goal and it won’t seem nearly as overwhelming. This way you will remember your new skills more easily and can build on them daily while your business is growing. Also, with the same diligence, test all of your ideas in a small way before you roll them out for better, bigger results. This way you won’t waste lots of money on add campaigns, and can grow your business steadily and at a manageable rate.

Have an overall plan, but do be flexible as the internet is a fast changing medium. Be prepared to adapt your strategy, keeping your main goal in mind.

Best wishes with your new venture and visit us often for more tips and tricks! Take a look at the Internet Marketing Review with many helpful ideas to grow your business.

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