Pivotal Moments – Are you ready to start making REAL MONEY?

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I think we all have pivotal moments in our lives, like after a really wet spell we book a holiday somewhere sunny.  We have been thinking of a holiday for months but the last week of rain was the final straw.

Maybe our marriage had been failing for months or years but a particular row or event actually made us do something – maybe talk things out instead of ignoring the issue, book in with relate, or something more drastic – no maybe not shoot our partner!!

What is it that makes us finally take action?

Have you reached enough job DIS-satisfaction yet to consider a business of your own ?

Do the days drag?

Do you find yourself day-dreaming and looking out of the window at the park at every opportunity?

Are you weary and frustrated at the end of the day?  Angry things aren’t better for your loved ones?

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