Monitor Your Progress – Always Test Everything

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Live Your Dreams!

Live Your Dreams!


You should continually monitor your progress when you are building your business. Be aware it takes a little time to build your list, so if you have a list already this will be a big help and make your progress quicker. It will also make it easier to introduce a new product or project. However if you are new to internet marketing the first thing you concentrate on is building your list of people who are interested in following what you have to offer. It is unlikely they will immediately buy from you. They have to see you as someone worthy of their trust and that your products are good enough for them to choose you.

You will need to coach them to trust you with emails and articles of interest to them, to prove to them you know what you are talking about. You will need to offer relevant and genuine advice and fair offers.

So although initially you may not be measuring sales you can measure responses. See which articles are read most, what your click through rate is, where the “interest” comes from. It may be from forums, articles or which pages of your website brings most traffic. Google analytics can help you monitor the information and of course the details from your auto-responder. Watch week by week how your click rate grows and match your articles to the amount of interest shown.

Test everything you do for the best results. Consider the type of articles you write and their titles. Monitor emails and any advertising you do. If you advertise on Facebook or PPC or anywhere else run two similar advertisements and vary only one point at a time to test the most effective. Pick the best result and test again until you hone the advertisement to your satisfaction. Try different solo ad providers, and test the results. Test online advertisements and forums. Always test for the best possible results to make you advertisements cost-effective.

Create a funnel effect with your products building your customers confidence with low-cost high value

Live Your Dreams!

Live Your Dreams!

items. As their confidence grows and their need for more advanced products, you can introduce more products. Over the months and years you can sell higher priced more advanced products building up to multiple packages. You therefore build your profits with a relatively small list of regular customers, who are coming back for more items. Whilst meanwhile building your list with new prospects. Don’t reinvent the wheel this is a tried and tested method.

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