Living Longer- Plan NOW for Your Retirement

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Is this Retirement?

Is this Retirement?

Recently there has been a lot of TV coverage and publicity, news items and documentaries, regarding living longer and retirement. This is something important for everybody, how we can keep healthy as we will be working longer. How will we afford retirement, we need to plan for it NOW. It is expected in the future many more people will become centenarians. Both the country and individuals must start planning for this now, if we are to enjoy our eventual retirement.

 In the past it was expected you chose a career for life and if you were lucky you found a good job and stayed in it, or at least in the industry/profession until you retired at 60 or 65.

Those days are gone. Now with the speed at which society is changing, one has the opportunity to have

Work at  Home

Work at Home

several careers during a lifetime. Making the most of your strengths and skills is important.   Taking advantage of retraining and restructuring your life-plan gives the opportunity for a more interesting working life. Many skills are transferable from one industry to another with some updating or training. If we accept change in a positive way we can maximize the benefits.

Many more people are setting up their own business and eventually enjoying the time freedom it gives especially in later life. It offers a new opportunity to make more and different friends, with new interests and outlooks.

Retirement doesn’t have to be an abrupt cut off point, turn your hobby into a hobby business NOW whilst it has time to grow and you have an income from your work. The internet offers many simple ways of turning a hobby into a small interesting business. Tests have proven keeping active and stimulated results in better heath. Plan for your future now, don’t just let retirement happen.

Work at HomeWhat current hobbies have you that could become a hobby business, golf, fishing, sport, ridding, showing or breeding dogs, art, caravanning the choice is endless: many small business can involve selling courses, books or training on the internet, harnessing your knowledge or skills. Build a part-time business now that you can continue with in later years making life more interesting, giving you a purpose, and subsidizing your pension to allow you extra funds for holidays or new interests.

 Plan for your later years plan how you can afford to live the lifestyle you would prefer. Make your future more enjoyable and start a hobby business now, something you find interesting. Take advantage of available training, learning keeps you young. Keep you brain active and your body fit and healthy and make your future rewarding.                                                                            

Is This Your Dream?

Is This Your Dream?

Best wishes in your new venture…..

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