Live Your Dream – But Enjoy The Journey Too!

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Live Your Dreams – Enjoy the Journey Too!


Change Your Life!

Change Your Life!

Are you living your dream? We all have secret dreams of wonderful plans and achievements… if only… Even if they have been buried and almost forgotten for years. But how many of us follow through or even believe it could happen?

A few years ago, together with my family, we visited one of these “Holiday Homes Abroad” type exhibitions. It was there I picked up a brochure about Crete. I watched a video where Tommy Walsh described the delights of a retirement home in Crete. I was sold on the idea.

Ever since I have received a newsletter re buying in Crete, this started as a single page leaflet online but has expanded to an online brochure with beautiful photographs, diagrams of houses and illustration: pages of views of the countryside, topical events, and information. The pages now turn electronically with a realistic rustle as they turn. How it has developed the birth and growth of this brochure was somebody’s dream and the followed through and achieved it.

I have since decided maybe Crete isn’t the place I will retire to ( I probably won’t ever retire anyway- too many business ideas!) As much as would still love to visit there, I don’t think I would master the language, maybe closer to England would suit me better.

However whilst at the same exhibition one of my daughters and her partner saw a photo of an old farmhouse in Spain and after visiting several, actually bought that one.

They have since spent all their holidays in it and will eventually retire to it. Meanwhile all their spare cash is spent doing it up. It sits on the side of a mountain, in a large plot of land with vast views of the countryside. They are not only planning their dreams but living it too several times a year!

Don’t spend all your time dreaming and planning for your future, or some future event, life is too short and you never know what the future holds. Make sure you enjoy every part of the journey!

My dream has moved from Crete to Spain. In Spain I can get a lot of property for my cash, the winters are warm, the lifestyle is family orientated and the pace is relaxed. I think a beach location in a small town of fishing village near the airport is more my choice than a remote mountain side. Somewhere like, Puerto De Mazarron which is beautiful, but we have yet to find our dream property.

However we are already enjoying our journey, this summer we bought a mobile home (or very large caravan) in a beautiful country setting, with five acres of lakes, here we can spend our summers when Spain becomes too warm. This summer we spent long lazy spells enjoying the lakes. Our dream is progressing steadily and we are enjoying the journey.

Have you begun your dream yet, or even decided to follow it? Make a plan of how and when you will achieve it. Write it down and commit to it. Plan the steps that will get you there, and celebrate your progress. Enjoy the whole journey.

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To your DREAMS

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