Leave The Rat – Race Behind

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Warmer - Winters!

We are now in Spain for Warmer winters!

Have you ever thought of leaving the Rat-Race behind?

How stressful life has become. If you look at Top of the Pops, videos from the sixties teenagers look so innocent, so care-free. We have more time-saving devices than ever, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, computers etc. but life seems more stressful. Suicide rates have soared for teenagers, also adults especially farmers. Mental illness is rife, and antidepressants are prescribed throughout the nations. Soon children won’t be taught to write they will work on PC’s. Where is all this so-called progress getting us?

Men and women have to work harder or longer hours to pay for their “improved” lifestyles, then flop exhausted in front of the TV in the evening from the stress and daily grind, probably consuming alcohol in order to numb their brains!

People are getting fatter from quick convenience meals, there seems no time for conventional home cooked meals shared with the family around a dinner-table. Latch key kids are the norm, with TV baby-sitting for company. Family life and home entertainment seem forgotten, jig-saws, board games, and conversation are a thing of the past. Life now revolves around the TV, computers or electronic gadgets, conversation is via text not personal communication test.

We have just spent a rather cold bank holiday in the Lincolnshire countryside in a caravan and what was so surprising, despite the wind and rain the youngsters and teenagers were all whizzing about on bikes, scooters and skate boards having fun and enjoying the exercise and fresh air. We all also enjoyed a street party to celebrate the Queens Birthday, raising money for “Help the Hero’s” How refreshing it has all been.

We have taken charge of our lives by working online. I have left the Rat-Race behind, I can work anywhere with my laptop, yes, even in a caravan or wintering in Spain. If you would like to taste the freedom of an online lifestyle, begin in your spare-time, give up some TV and invest in your future. Sample the excitement of growing your own business.

Affiliate marketing is the simplest way to begin online. Save time and effort by choosing the guidance of a good coach and mentor. With their help you can start earning whilst you are learning the techniques. Your coach will provide excellent products, sales pages that are professionally written and excellent training.

If you attempt to learn it all yourself without guidance it will take much longer before you are in a position to start earning. Save the stress and information overload and join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and enjoy the support offered.

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