Learn How Your Subconscious Can Guide you

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Live your life how you choose

Live your life how you choose

Learn to use your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is your biggest asset, learn to use it, and don’t let it use you.

Are you a negative or a positive person? Either are simply thought patterns, habits we have learned along the journey through life. We can change habits by making a firm decision to do so.

Do you daily feed yourself with negative thoughts; will it work, am I wasting my money/time, am I skilled enough, am I too old or too young?

If you want pretty much anything, badly enough, you can find a way to achieve it – it’s simply a case of committing yourself for long enough, with enough determination and passion, careful research and planning and you will amaze yourself!

Reach Your Goals

Break your goal into bite size pieces and take the first steps then keep taking measured and planned small steps every day.

Let your subconscious help you – when you go to bed at night, decide what you need to know for the following part of your journey. Concentrate on this as you drift off and your subconscious will work it out while you sleep. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “I’ll sleep on it before deciding”, trust your mental partner. Believe in your ability to develop your business and gradually things you didn’t understand will become clearer. Ask for help from reliable sources and never give up.

Suddenly writing articles will become easier and enjoyable. Ideas will flood into your mind faster than you can use them. Initially, however, you can get articles written for you @ fiver.com and Elance.com.

So to sum up how to grow your business and reach your goals:

  • Begin your business as a paying hobby whilst your income provides for you; retain the security of your employment until you’re financially ready.
  • Ask for help from like minded people you can trust.
  • Research and plan, don’t get bogged down with information overload and take action. The more times you attempt something, the easier it will become and the outcome will improve.
  • Research a niche you are passionate about, something with a hungry market of buyers needing your product.
  • Practice, test and improve as your business grows. Acorns are tiny, but as they are nourished and grow they become sturdy oak trees, let your business grow and nourish it with ideas.
  • Reward and congratulate yourself on all the small steps you achieve, i.e. your first article, first sales letter, first sale, first 100 people registering to your newsletter etc. In a few months you will be amazed at what you have achieved.

So, the first thing you must do is TAKE ACTION – all journeys start with a single step…..where will yours start How to Grow Your Business.

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Best wishes and congratulations on starting your journey.

P.S. It’s said that 85% of the working population dream of working for themselves or having an income that gives them freedom to do the things they want to do!