Is Your Webesite Getting Enough Visitors – Do They Buy?

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FREE Traffic Ideas

FREE Traffic Ideas

Is your website getting enough traffic to give you are steady supply of orders? It’s no good just building a website, even a good product isn’t enough if people aren’t aware of it. You must regularly add fresh content to keep the search engines re-visiting and add Google site map , Analytics and tool master.

Referral Links

Leave footprints all over the web, add links at every opportunity. Make Squidoo lenses, join forums and leave helpful and meaningful messages. Write articles and place on go Articles and Ezine articles, two of the bigger directories, and as many others as possible. Press releases also help. Use you article research in many different ways emails blogs, lenses etc. After your work researching make them work for you.


Emails remind people who you are and what you can do for them. They build your Brand. Suitable signatures on all your everyday emails spread you Brand with no extra effort at all. How many emails do you send out daily. Who knows someone might just be interested in what you offer, or may tell a friend.

Social Media

Facebook or Twitter can quickly get a word out to friends of friends. You tube can send your message viral across the planet, take advantage of the new electronic age.

Call to Action!

Does you sales letter have a strong call to action, do you make it clear to visitors what you want them to do next or do you just let them wander away.  Preferably one simple action, that doesn’t leave them with too many choices.

 Do You Give Your Visitors Good Value

Is your product offering what your visitors are looking for? Do you give them more value than they expect? For repeat business you need loyal customers that tell their friends and come back to you trusting you time and time again. It is far easier to keep to make repeat sales to happy customers than to keep finding new customers! Make your life easier, more satisfying and financially rewarding by giving people what they are looking for and exceptional good value.

Benefits Not Just Facts

Point out the benefits of your products not just the facts, the benefits are the emotional reasons that people buy to make their lives better, happier, and easier. Facts are useful but cold, most people are sold by emotions. Customers want to know how your products will help them reach their goals.  Help your customers help you reach your goals by helping them reach theirs!

How can your products make something easier?

  •  Save them time
  • Make them feel good
  • Improve something in their lives

 How Many Visits to Your Website Before Making a Sale?

Visitors often need several visits to your site before they trust you enough to place an order. Some research shows up to 10 visits are necessary. You need to make your website interesting, attractive, easy to navigate, with useful information updated often to entice them back.

 Study and Learn

The more you explore and study your niche and learn all about it the more credible you will become to your visitors. This is why it is important to choose an area you are passionate about, something that interests you so you will enjoy the time spent researching it.

 Best Wishes in your venture, and if you would like further information to grow your business FAST…….

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