Is Information Overload Paralyzing Your Efforts

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Learn new skills

Learn new skills

Information overload can creep up on you when you are learning something new. It is easy to be swamped with details before you are ready to absorb them. We have a tendency to collect every bit of information on our new topic. We collect information that contradicts. Everybody’s viewpoint and ideas are a bit different. No wonder we get confused and paralyzed into non-action and poor learning, losing our excitement for the venture by complete confusion.

Stop collecting information store it for later when you are in a position to make choices and follow one course of action, one plan, one expert’s advice. Choose a mentor or plan you resonate with. Leave all those pages of notes, print-outs and articles saved on your laptop until you have mastered the basics.

Follow an expert’s course, someone who understands beginners and has actually been doing what he preaches for years. Let it lead you gently to success.

Is it a new language you are learning, a hobby or maybe Internet marketing. Find someone to lead you at your own pace, if you have some experience you will want to progress much faster than a complete beginner. Begin as a hobby business where there is no time pressure and learning can remain fun and exciting.

Make a plan, keep it simple and learn one aspect at a time until you have mastered it, then learn the next task you have chosen. If you need other skills meanwhile outsource of find someone to help.

Make sure everything basic you do is correct so that you do not have to retrace your steps. New skills do not have to be perfect to get results they will improve with practice. Keep testing, learning and improving.

I began with article writing because that appealed to me. I am now a guest writer for other blogs and write for article directories. I also enjoy forum marketing and have increased the number of forums, but as I still needed more traffic I explored media marketing: Google+, Twitter, and Facebook there is an immense amount to learn here and time will increase brand recognition.

A quicker route is paid advertising like Solo ads or Facebook marketing other articles will cover these topics.

Don’t think you have to learn it all at once – Rome wasn’t built in a day, build on solid foundations. Have a good website, (you may need help), an appealing relevant memorable domain name, a good squeeze page and gift. Build your list with good content emails and master the right percentage mix of suitable selling emails in a helpful sequence. Use a reliable auto-responder like Aweber because if you find an obscure cheaper auto-responder and it fails or closes you have lost your list, the life- blood of your business. Treat your business seriously.

So to sum up: don’t be consumed by information overload. Either choose a mentor to follow or a clear business plan to guide you. Keep it simple. Outsource through Elance or Fiverr where necessary or get help from a friend. Begin small as a hobby business and enjoy learning without pressure. Let your current work support you it may reduce the time you can spend building your business but it will reduce the stress levels and make learning more enjoyable.

Treat your business seriously and grow it at the speed that suits you. Be proud of your progress. Remember many of the population just think of various ventures you are actually taking action. Don’t give up, keep learning and progressing and enjoy building your new venture.


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