Information Overload and Social Media Marketing

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Expand you knowledge

Expand Your Knowledge

Information overload creeps up on the unwary especially business newbie’s. I have recently allowed it to happen to me. Here is how I stopped it in its tracks. I received several books this Christmas all of them I’m sure will be a great help in time. Some have screen shots of the pages to guide you through the exercises. Another has general tips to bring free traffic to your website. This one I have read and set in place some of the ideas.

“500 Social Media Marketing Tips” by Andrew Macarthy impressed me when I saw it advertised, it has continued to impress me as I delve into the pages learning about social media advertising and the top social media sites to use. I hate to think how long it will take me to implement all of the suggestions but I can only think what a difference it will make to my website. How I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day!

I am delighted to find clear tips on improving your presence on all the major networks. The information is up-to-date as it was updated late in 2014. It is easy to read with clear instructions and packed full of improvements you can make to your website. There are also step-by-step videos with links within the book helping with your social media strategies.

So much excellent information and a great pile of books but how easy it is to be daunted by information overload. You have steps and ideas you want to implement without enough time to breath, let alone put them into practice.

Having ground to a standstill by indecision, trying to decide which way to move forward I have come to my senses and realised I have to step back and analyse the situation, review my plan analyse progress made and decide which way to move forward.

I have so much information waiting to be put into action information overload has completely disrupted my progress. Sometimes we have to take a look at where we are and how best to tweak our progress, a bit like a Sat Nav recalculating!

I need to take a fresh look at my plan, make clear daily steps to take me to the next level and stop jumping from one strategy to another.

I hope this floundering in information hasn’t happened to you and the temptation to wander from your plan in a random way has been avoided. Maybe this can be a warning when you are trying to learn many new skills. Keep to your plan unless you make a conscious decision that there is a better direction to go in.

I would like to reiterate if you are looking to increase your traffic, there is great value in “500 social Media marketing Tips” after all traffic is the life blood of your business.

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