How To Start A Money Making Business On A Budget

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Live Your Dreams!

Do you find yourself wishing you could actually do this – start a simple business quickly, something tried and tested and working for others right now. A means of making some extra cash, goodness knows there are a million and one things you would like to do if you had some spare cash!  A good holiday would be one, camping is fun but the weather……

What actually is this business that you can set up quickly, that grows over a period of time. Set up online with a simple website following simple instructions. You can use a free website, or wordpress is a popular option.  If you choose a free website to start with, choose one that offers the facility to upgrade to .com later. 

The Benefits of Internet Marketing

Suitable for beginners.

No age restrictions, suitable for almost anyone. If you can send emails you can learn to do this.

You only need a laptop or PC and an internet connection.

Can be run from anywhere.

No more daily commuting.

You are your own boss and work when and where you choose, with hours to suit you.

In time your business can be developed to create whatever income you desire according to the time and effort you are prepared to invest.

Products are provided for you, together with sales pages, emails, banners etc. and tuition to get the best response.

Where do you find these companies looking for affiliate marketers to sell their products. There are specific websites where these companies advertise, Google your chosen niche or topic you are interested in. For example weight loss affiliate programs.

Another perfect source is Clickbank if you want to sell ready-made eBooks. Clickbank is an online library of eBooks on any subject you can think of.  It is free to join take time to browse their topics or their list of latest entries.  Authors write these eBooks and publish them on Clickbank for affiliate marketers to promote for them for a good commission usually 50-70%.  If you choose one of the first few in your topic you probably have a best seller.

eBooks are a simple product to deliver as they are downloadable but you don’t have to worry about this as Clickbank takes care of the payment details and recording sales with your affiliate code. This piece of code is personal only to you through which you get paid your commissions. All you have to do is promote the products.  Ways to promote your affiliate link code will be available in later articles.

So how do you get started in this new venture?

First decide on a subject area that interests and excites you. If you are passionate about you niche it is easier to promote it with your burning enthusiasm and you will not mind the spending the time you need to promote it and build your business.

Research your niche, and find a topic where there are “hungry” people waiting and eager for your products. Search keywords with Google to check for interest in a subject. Look at Amazon for the number of books written about it, or Clickbank. Look at magazine racks, how many magazines are there on your topic?  Magazines are only available if people will buy them.

Decide if you will use a free website, preferably one you can later update, or maybe wordpress, currently a very popular platform. Or maybe one is provided by the promoter.  All have tutorials to guide you.

Next you will need a domain name, and host. Take a look at Go Daddy, or Google others.

So to summarize, so now you have chosen your niche, you have chosen your products, most companies looking for affiliates offer a variety of help, professionally written sales letters, tutorials etc. the support available is something to consider when choosing your product. You have your domain name and host.  So now you have to build a simple blog website promoting your product.

You May decide a mentor is a good idea, someone who has a track record of success, why try and reinvent the wheel when someone can show you a tested and proven path. Choose wisely, someone who is on your wave length, who can remember what it’s like to be a beginner but who has over the years proven their worth, someone who offers value for money.

Look out for further articles in the series to help you build your business. So I would like to wish you every success in this exciting and rewarding venture.

So, the first thing you must do is TAKE ACTION – all journeys start with a single step… where will yours start? Discover How to Grow Your Business.

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Best wishes and congratulations on starting your journey.