How to Convince Subscribers to Read Your Emails for Great Success

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How do you convince people to open and read your emails? Often with difficulty for most people! These days there are so many pressures for your time and if you are anything like me your inbox is swamped daily.   I think at the last count I had 318 unopened emails!

Subject lines

So first of all, your title or subject line is the first thing that people see you have to convince them to click on it, that is the first hurdle.   If it isn’t enticing with a gem of an idea waiting to be read, the chances are, it won’t be. It may not even be opened. It has to immediately appeal to the reader and be about a topic that they are interested in. It has to offer them something they would be sorry to miss if they ignored it and did not open it right away. If it is not opened immediately it could join the ranks of the unopened emails that I have so many of, waiting for that right moment.

There is something that isn’t usually talked about, but is important to me. These days of hidden viruses and scams, if I don’t recognize the sender I don’t open it. So make your emails memorable so that your name stands out, and your emails are remembered, the more they are received and are read, the more memorable you will become.

So now you have a learned to find a good subject line, that has tempted your reader to open it, you must now hold their attention long enough to get your message across in order for you to achieve your desired result. Their first reaction is automatically “what’s in it for me”.

 Deliver good content with value, in an interesting manner.

There has to be a pay off for their time. The contact has to deliver something of value as the subject line promised. It should be interesting to read but not ramble on. It should be focused but entertaining. You can use fear of loss at the beginning and show how to resolve the problem with your offering.

 Something that works well, tell of personal results or the success of someone else people respond to results of others. They not only question how they will benefit, but if someone achieves something good they will ask “How did you do it”

Tell a Story

 Stories get passed on along with your information, that’s why share buttons are everywhere, on social media sites, on websites and advertising. The current trend is for share and like buttons to be accessible everywhere.

  Focus on the end result

 Don’t waste your email, finally focus on your desired result. Make it clear what you want your reader to do. Direct them somewhere with very clear instruction like Click Here for….. In other words “ASK for whatever you want to achieve, for example to visit your website. Some emails will be to earn the trust of your reader and start building a relationship, others will be more direct.

 Make your emails work for you they might not all get opened but when they do make sure they are of value, so that further emails are welcomed. Take time to craft them well. When they are part of your auto-responder sequence, they will continue to work for a long time and be worth their weight in gold to you.


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