Bank Notes and Traffic Experts

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I recently read a post on a forum that said: my new hobby is collecting banknotes. At the time I thought it would make a great article, surely it is the aim of every business to collect banknotes, or at least money and he was in fact collecting foreign currency notes just as a hobby.

Now on a serious note in order to collect your bank notes you need lots of traffic to your website. Traffic is my current hobby, strategy, or obsession!

I, like many people want more traffic so I am sharing ways of finding the quickest simplest ways of getting free traffic.

If you are building a hobby business whilst you are funding it from paid work when time is of the essence or even if it is a business you are able to devote more of your time to you probably need more traffic. Here are some fantastic traffic sources to help you. Select some that you resonate with rather than getting bogged down with many.

 Caimin Jones has written a book: SEO step by Step, a beginners- guide to various traffic sources. It is an inexpensive book jam packed with details about using keywords, social media and much more. Dozens of ways to improve your website rankings.

 Martin Shervington, explains in detail about posting on Google+ and how it will help you in many ways. Visit his website: where you will find free information and videos.

Kim Roach of She has a great knowledge of both free and paid traffic, she also offers a free traffic mind map.

Who are your traffic experts you are following? It’s strange that some people seem to find traffic sources and explode their business quickly whilst others find it a slow hard slog. I hope you find the above helpful, there is enough information here to keep you busy for weeks.

 Remember without visitors you don’t have orders and if you don’t have sales you don’t have a business only a hobby!


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