How Safe is Your Job? 800 Redundant!

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Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams!

Do you consider your job to be safe? Well at least 800 people in Northampton and smaller units all over the country thought theirs were until yesterday. A large paper organization hit the dust. It is possible buyers can be found but it was a shock for 100s of families. Some staff had been their all their working lives -20, 30 years or more.

 In fact my daughter and granddaughter were two of the causalities, many families in the area had more than one family member working at this long established group, so were badly hit and with only statutory redundancy payments. Now I’m sure this has happened all over the country recently but until you are involved you think it will never happen to you.

This is not the first time my daughter had been made redundant and over the years I have also been made redundant more than once. How things have changes over the years. At one time when you found a good job it was a job for life, nowadays you probably not only have a number of jobs but several careers. In fact I have gone from nursing to teaching to sales, maybe it makes life more interesting.

So although we think we were out of recession and doing fine your job is never really safe as companies are shutting down all over the country and others starting up.

Take precautions now and build yourself a hobby business in your spare time. This can grow when you are ready to spend more time on it. Take care of your future, what age would you like to retire, surely not 70+, and how will you fund it? Begin NOW and build your own business in your spare time whilst you have an income to support you.

 Learn some new skills, build on your hobby or current interests and turn them into an internet business.

Develop Online Success


The Internet as a medium is the way forward. It is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate and offers amazing diversity in the different jobs that can be set up.

NOW is the time to explore what interests you, what you would like to learn more about and turn your knowledge into a fledgling hobby business.

Affiliate marketing is a good starting place for beginners as it is a simple method of utilizing the power of the internet to sell other peoples products.

You need a good plan or mentor to set you on the right path and same you time and money. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, use a tried and tested formula. Look out for other articles I have written and learn some new skills.

Join the growing army of entrepreneurs, take care of your future, and begin NOW whilst you have an income to support your learning. It is great fun exciting, sometimes frustrating when you have tricky things to master but mostly copy and paste. It’s the best thing I ever did; I’m pleased I made a start to creating my freedom.

 Work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection.

Is This Your Dream?

Is This Your Dream?

Take Action Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams!


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Carnival Time

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