How I Gained 30+ Google Page One Entries: Easily, within a Few Weeks

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Anne O'Dwyer, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

I’m sure you would like to know how I achieved page one of Google easily and quickly once I started to work seriously on my niche. Well the first thing Google looks for is relevancy, so your website URL should reflect what your website is about.

Your website should be clearly set out and easy to navigate. Build it to follow eye patters that match the way people view and scan the pages. Make the website interesting. I have many pages on my website, these interlink for easy reading. I often add more pages or information, to keep them interesting. Virtually everything on the website relates to the niche in some, way even the stories.  

I put lots of photo’s on my website within the articles, finding pictures that are somehow relevant, illustrate points or are in someway connected to the article. I also fill out the alt tags and captions and occasionally I find odd pictures showing up in Google, so I guess it helps.

 My affiliate links are for good saleable products, with professionally written order pulling sales pages. The products I choose have guarantees and some have videos on You-tube, placed by people that have tested the them. It is easy to embed the videos into your website, to give an unbiased point of view.  

 Make sure your articles and blogs are good quality, well written and information, I also like to tell stories within the articles to make a point memorable. I have been writing articles for directories, about 4 a week. My favorite directories are and, I also have articles on Go articles is very easy to use but I haven’t had as much interest from there.

There are many other directories I could use: to find a selection, Google articles, you will be amazed at the quantity.

I also make helpful comments on forums in my niche, regularly and have a relevant signature with links to my website from the bio.

 I’m sure it would be helpful to be more active on my Facebook fan page, but I do neglect it I’m afraid. There are only so many hours available, and I find it suits me to choose the things I like doing well than spreading my time too thinly.

 I care about my followers and visitors and want them to have a good experience. I am passionate about my niche and only offer very good products that I believe in. I am honest in my dealings and want my customers to achieve their dreams too!

 My products are all about improving your life-style and reaching your goals in whatever niche you choose. My mentor is a genuine, caring family man who has been working online for more than a decade with a similar mindset, offering great support and instruction.

 I love learning and studying all aspects of my new business and the niche I have chosen and I spend all my spare time involved with and improving my business. This isn’t work, to me, it is spending time doing something I love. I enjoy watching it grow. It is something I am committed to and passionate about. So if you have a niche you would like to build a business round, go for it, it’s very rewarding. Begin in a small way as a hobby business and enjoy your new venture without spending a fortune!

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