How Emails Convert Into Repeat Sales

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When building an online business you need to build a list of happy customers so that they buy repeat offers and you are not only looking for new customers. It is much easier to sell further good products to your list than convincing people who don’t know you. This is known as “traffic” to your website.

Email is an excellent way of bringing in more sales. By using an auto-responder and capturing email addresses on a squeeze page you are building a list of prospects. These prospects can be turned into buying customers by sending out a course of emails, gaining the trust of your prospects and helping them with tips and free information.

First design yourself a distinctive signature which you put at the bottom of every email you send out, you never know if someone in an office somewhere or a friend or relative are looking for what your business offers. Be proud of your business. Don’t miss this free advertising!

Next we are talking about follow-up emails, this is a course of a number of emails sent every few days to visitors signing up at your squeeze page for an offer. Usually an e-book or video on a subject related to your niche that would be of interest and helpful to them. This gift should be of great value so they are blown away by what you give away and trust you enough to purchase in the future. These emails you send out will be a mixture of selling emails and useful content emails.

The emails are sent out automatically by an auto-responder when someone signs up at your squeeze page. An Auto-responder in one of your few expenses, you should choose a reliable one like Aweber as cheaper options can break down or close meaning you could lose all your contacts.

Broadcast emails are stand-alone emails you send out to your list occasionally with news or an offer. These can bring in sales as your list will have gained trust in you over the previous weeks of regular emails.

No matter what your online business is you need customers. A squeeze page and email marketing are a great way to increase your list of repeat buyers.

There are many types of online business you could choose. If you already have a high street business you could you could have an online presence to grow your customer base. If you have a hobby business emails will also boost your client base as it is spreading your brand and increasing your popularity.

If you are new to internet marketing, affiliate marketing is a simple choice as you are introducing buyers to other companies’ products, with things like payments and delivery taken care of for you. However before you direct buyers to the other company direct them to a squeeze page, collect their emails, give them a memorable gift in exchange and you will have a list to sell to again and again. Don’t give away future profits.


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