Follow Your Dreams Before It’s Too Late To Enjoy Them

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Time to Learn

My once exceedingly active mother now finds all tasks difficult but with gritted teeth she never gives up! Recently she decided to make regular trips into town. Not because she needs anything in particular, but partly to relieve a now rather mundane existence and partly because she wants the satisfaction of achieving!

On this particular trip, which she delight in telling us about, she was dropped outside a particular shop. Parking was impossible so a time and place close by to reconvene was arranged. Within a few minutes of entering the shop she decided there was nothing she liked so she would walk down to another shop.

Once inside she was faced by an escalator, she decided if she wanted to see the clothes upstairs she would have to tackle the escalator, as she wouldn’t use the lift alone. So with a bag and a stick in one hand she grabbed the rail with the other and ascended nervously. It was several years since she had done this.

 Unfortunately for her the sale was almost over and the models were draped with the last remnants of the sale, not what she had in mind! The was nothing suitable and looking at her watch she realized it was time to catch the taxi.

 Heading in completely the wrong direction to find the lift, (The was absolutely no possibility of managing the stairs), she walked as fast as she could the length of the department store. But on asking the assistant where the lift was she had walked the wrong way and was sent back in the opposite direction.

 When finally she reached the lift it was full to the brim, people squeezes up to make room for her and a rather large lady offered her arm to steady her and she descended to the shop floor.

 By now she was decidedly late for her taxi, and had to try and hurry up the road to find it. Inching along the pavement with her stick, as fast as she could despite her sore feet and a shortness of breath, luckily he saw her and she was taken home safely.

 We have offered many times to take her when and where she wants to go, but to her the adventure is in calling the taxi arranging the trip and completing it on her own terms.

 Do you use as much determination and persistence in chasing your dreams?

Do it now before its too late.

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