Does Your work Satisfy You – Would You Like to Improve Your Life in 2016??

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Change Your Life!

Change Your Life!

I have a great friend who is a squash coach and yoga teacher he loves his “job” and has no desire to retire whilst he can still offer his skills to his members.  Work to him is a joy, he goes to work to play his favorite sport and help others improve their techniques. True fulfillment.

How many of the population can say likewise? Musicians, artists, footballers and a few others that have followed their passion in life.  What is your passion, what have you always wanted to do, but ignored and buried deep inside and almost forgotten?  Could you ignite the flame and turn it into a fabulous business.  Something you would love doing every day.  Something that you could feel proud to develop and feel passionate about.

Are you saying, no, I have bills to pay, a family to feed, no spare cash.  How can I throw in the towel and say goodbye to my boss?

Would you actually like to do this? Do you want to do badly enough, with a passion to take you through the tough times?  Is the eventual free time, the ability to plan your days, enough to wet your appetite?  Obviously a business requires regular time and effort, but flexibility is a wonderful feeling.  Being in charge of your day, your life, no clocking on 9-5, no commuting in bad weather.  Even though you sometimes need to work a long day to reach a deadline it is of your setting.  You are in control, you are the boss.

It is possible, you can do it!  Virtually anyone can learn the simple steps to setting up an Internet Business.  Age, colour, creed do not matter.  You can start in your spare time, on a shoestring,whilst you continue at your paid work.  Start a paying hobby and let it grow.

First you need to choose an area you are passionate about, something that will fire you up and keep you on track when you hit a stumbling block. Brain storm – make a list,  what is that secret wish?

Do you have IT skills?  No problem – there are easy to build websites.  I found a fabulous starting point, they offer free websites, free hosting, free tutorials and technical  help.  Whats better than simple and free when you are just starting?  I’m sure there are other easy to use providers, but I have built several websites with

So your first step is to learn to build a website, if this is all new to you, have a go it’s great fun, exciting and will build your confidence.  Your second attempt will be even better and easier!  go and have a play today.  Meanwhile find that idea that fills you with passion.

So if you really are Serious about Replacing Your Day-Job & Working at Home

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What have you got to Loose ?  Do it now, and embrace your future!!

See you again soon…


Anne & Samantha

PS Since I first wrote this my partner Paul & I are now wintering in Spain, and My internet business is growing – That’s two dreams, let us help you with yours!

Have a Great 2016 make a start NOW!                                       


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Peaceful Beaches



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