Do You Want to Work Until You’re 70?

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 Do you want to work till you’re 70


Why Should You Work Until You’re 70

How Can You Ovoid it?


Why should you work until you are 70? Is that what you are planning? Will you be fit enough to continue that long? Do you have quite a stressful job, or is it physically hard work? From a working life into your box, that doesn’t sound much fun. Or would you rather find another solution?

How about running a little business from home, something when set up, could be run a few hours a day or week, to fit in with your life style, and the income you desire.

Would you like a business that pretty much runs itself and provides a passive income, after the initial stages of setting it up and building your customer list.

Internet marketing covers a wide variety of systems for making money on-line. You could choose to:

Write work manuals, e-books, kindle books, develop software, you could run a dating agency, or you could run a fixed tem Membership website.

These are just a few suggestions, but really it would depend on your interests or hobbies. You can always out-source any procedures you would prefer not to do yourself. This would free up your time for tasks you are good at and enjoy.

Maybe you aren’t comfortable creating a website, or writing sales letters, all things can be done for you at, or

If you set up a business now and develop it over the years, by the time you are ready to retire, you could have built a substantial business. You may even choose to take early retirement, if you enjoy working your own business with the time flexibility it brings. By its viral nature, internet marketing grows automatically as you develop your knowledge and experience and work to improve your business. Your marketing skills will improve, and shares and like buttons of social media, will spread information about your business. All activity will help to grow it over time, very much like word of mouth in a traditional business.

My favourite type of internet marketing is affiliate marketing. Basically you are selling someone else’s products, by introducing customers. You don’t have to deal with the shipping or payments. This system is especially suitable for people beginning online, because of the simplicity.

The benefits of Affiliate marketing are:

It is suitable for almost anyone, all ages, male or female and reasonable easy to set up.

You don’t need an office or staff just a laptop and internet connection.

You can work from more or less anywhere, even if you retire abroad!

If you choose or a similar provider you do not take payments or deliver goods, it is all done for you.

There is an infinite selection of products available to fit anyone’s hobby or interest.

The process is relatively simple to learn and with commitment determination and some regular spare-time a nice income or nest egg can be built up.

I find it exciting watching my business grow out of nothing but some ideas, enthusiasm and regular time commitment. Plus some ready-made products of my choice. This business will give you the incentive and opportunity to expand an interest of build a new hobby. This will make your life more interesting and perhaps you a more interesting person.


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