Do You Miss The Obvious?

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When recently grappling with a technical problem, I finally solved it by something very simple, I had been overlooking, which made me think of a story I would like to share with you.  Stories are a memorable way to remember important facts.  Everybody likes stories, they make life more interesting, pleasant and often humorous, which is probably why we remember them.  This is what makes stories perfect for implanting an important message.

Stories have been told and passed down from generation to generation.  Now I don’t expect this to be highly significant for the future generations but I think you might enjoy it!

A neighbor’s children wanted a parrot for a pet, a bit unusual but they wanted to teach it to talk.  Their dad called in the pet shop to make inquiries and found a parrot they liked would cost £4000.  No way, was that possible, however the pet shop offered a cheaper bird, but it swore profusely.  That was no good either. 

Then the owner said he had a young bird that hadn’t started talking yet at £400.  Ideal, with that he came away with a parrot in a cage.  He was sure the children would be delighted with their new pet. In fact he quite liked it too.  He knew it would keep them occupied in the long school holiday and was very pleased with his purchase.

The children were delighted, and tried for days spending all their spare time trying to get the parrot to talk.

After a few days the dad went to the pet shop for advice and was told a ladder and a mirror would help to keep the bird interested and soon it would talk.  So with his purchases he returned home.  Certain this time the children would have success.

The children continued in their efforts to encourage the parrot to talk.  Although the parrot enjoyed his new toys, still he didn’t talk.

A few days later the parrot fell of his perch DEAD.  Dad returned to the pet shop with the bird in a box saying “The bird you sold me a week ago is dead”!  The pet shop owner was very surprised and asked if the parrot had said anything before it died?

Apparently as it fell off the perch, the parrot uttered one word FOOD!

Don’t fall off your chair laughing, but when you have a problem, try looking for the obvious solution first!  Enjoy!


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