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Leave The Rat – Race Behind

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  Have you ever thought of leaving the Rat-Race behind? How stressful life has become. If you look at Top of the Pops, videos from the sixties teenagers look so innocent, so care-free. We have more time-saving devices than ever, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, computers etc. but life seems more stressful. Suicide rates have soared for teenagers, also adults especially… Read more »

Expand Your Identity & Achieve Your Dreams

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  I am travelling through the pages of “Awaken the Giant Within”, by Anthony Robbins. Reading it for about the 4th time over the years and on every reading gaining new insights. They say when the student is ready a tutor will be found. It is a hefty book packed with new ways of thinking. Currently I am reading about… Read more »

What They Didn’t Tell Us!

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  Last night we watched a program about super-foods and how good were they for us. Yes food and cooking programs seem to be the current level of entertainment on TV; last week it was alcohol consumption! However none of this seems to change the eating habits of the nation. Perhaps we are all confused by the mixed messages we… Read more »

Boost Your Learning Skills

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  I find learning a new skill hugely satisfying! It is like opening a drawer you didn’t know you had.. The more difficult I found it to conquer the task the more delight I feel on successfully achieving success. It feels deliciously satisfying. I think I’ll be over the moon when I finally master Spanish, one of my current projects!… Read more »

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!

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  I have recently re-read the above book. I was hoping it would deal with phobias like spiders, but it has reminded me it is more about fears that prevent you living life to the full. It is about 20 years since I read it and I had forgotten most of it, but it is surprising the impact it must… Read more »

Dealing With the Unexpected

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Well our “winter in Spain” has ended and the ferry delivered us onto English soil and our disasters began.  All roads nominated by the sat.nav. were closed.  In fading light and occasional street lights we tried to pore over the map, whilst the sat.nav couldn’t understand why we were ignoring instruction and kept telling us to go round the round… Read more »

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – A Simple Way to Start Online

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  FREE Traffic Ideas So you want to begin online and you have heard Affiliate Marketing is a simple way to start but you want to know more about it and why affiliate marketing is so great? Firstly because affiliate marketing is such a simple method of introducing products to your customers and getting paid for it, the steps are… Read more »

Do Visitors Leave Your Website Too Soon?

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  Is This Your Dream? Why does website loading time matter?  Visitors can get irritated and restless if your website takes too long to load.  This is especially likely if their laptop or the device they are using is old, don’t compound the issue with a slow loading site, or they may not wait for your website to open by… Read more »

Do You Need More Income – Making Money Online

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Work Anywhere Are you looking to boost your finances this year?  Do you suffer from the more month than money syndrome on a regular basis?  Then maybe this is the year you need to take action? Searching Google I see there are 366,000,000 people searching “making money online”.  Obviously there are 1000’s of ways or more and as many people… Read more »

Understanding and Using Keywords to Get Results!

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Good keyword phrases will get people visiting your website regularly; low competition keywords mean they are not so difficult to rank for. There are two kinds of keywords: long-tail keywords which are phrases of three or more words, these are easier to rank for as there is less competition, and short-tail keywords that consist of one or two words. To… Read more »