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Keep Learning

Keep Learning

I find learning a new skill hugely satisfying! It is like opening a drawer you didn’t know you had.. The more difficult I found it to conquer the task the more delight I feel on successfully achieving success. It feels deliciously satisfying. I think I’ll be over the moon when I finally master Spanish, one of my current projects!

When you first start a new project the amount of stuff you have to learn is almost overpowering unless you break it down to bite size chunks and work through it. Otherwise it can lead to information overload, or in extreme cases even learned helplessness. If this occurs you don’t know which way to turn or what to do first. Or how you can ever complete your project. You may become depressed and give up.

However if you give up you are likely to berate yourself for giving up and further lowering your self-esteem. It is much better to work on firing up your determination, by thinking what you have achieved in the past, or even getting help. Find someone who has done the task before you, and copy their actions. You might find help on forums, YouTube, night-school, in books or the internet. There is an old saying: when the student is ready a tutor will be found.

To build your confidence and believe in yourself make a list of the benefits learning this will bring, also list all the great feelings you will have when you are proficient at the task; and how it will improve areas of your life. Anticipate these feelings now, whilst you are learning and you are less likely to abandon the task.

Some books that could help you are:

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins and “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers.

A mentor or coach offers great support and makes a difference in many instances. A slimming buddy if you are trying to lose weight. Class mates at night-school if you are learning a language etc.

Learning to set up a business online is no different, affiliate marketing is the simplest way to start. Find yourself a good coach who will provide excellent products for your customers in a range to keep them coming back for more. A range that will grow with them, and keep them satisfied so that you have repeat orders and a happy band of customers. Information products are good products to sell online.

A mentor will provide sales pages to save you building webpages initially. they will be professionally prepared and great for turning browsers into customers.

Training will be provided in up to date marketing techniques, everything will have been tested for best results and others will have succeeded before you with a tried and tested formula. Make sure your mentor uses the same methods themselves to grow their own business.

With the guidance of a good mentor you can start earning whilst you are learning about online marketing, you do not have to learn everything first, therefore you see success faster.

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