Be Organized and Enjoy Effortless Living

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Good To Meet You

Good To Meet You

Don’t you admire those super humans that always look perfect, have beautiful children, polite and immaculate, who don’t have dummies stuck in their faces or sticky hands or tantrums in superstores!  Whose lives seem effortless, with perfect husbands; good-looking of course, who have wonderful well paid jobs so that the family regularly jet off for fabulous holidays!

Well life isn’t television so let’s make the most of what we have!  I must admit to being a bit of a hoarder; not too bad you can still get in the front door.  It seems as soon as I discard something for the charity shop I have the perfect event for it and wish I’d kept it, every time!

I now have a solution I have a second chance draw, where I give myself a week or two to retrieve items, before they are gone forever.  Yes, things do actually reach the charity shop but it isn’t so traumatic parting with stuff.

However things are changing; I am currently packing up my house to move to sunnier climes, which means a really good clear-out.  Before when I’ve moved I get fed up sorting part-way through and box up everything, planning to throw out the rubbish later when I’ve moved.

This time is different everything we take will be in an estate car, so I have had to make harsh decisions; such as throwing away my college files, pages and pages of work, certificates and training manuals.  Yes they have to go also the 1001 things I haven’t worn for years.

How exhilarating it feels to have only a selection of things I really want to keep.  There are tidy drawers, neat bookshelves and half empty wardrobes where things sit neatly in rows instead of crushed to death and crumpled.  I even know where things are!  Now what is gone can start a new life with someone else.

A new life for us is round the corner, with anticipation, exciting plans and less baggage, affiliate marketing will help to fund our life in Spain.  Our future winters in the sunshine, with just a laptop and an internet connection.  Why would we need excess baggage most things you want to know are accessible with Google?  So with all our excess  discarded  we move on-wards to a new and exciting future.

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Some reading for your spare-time:

“Living with Passion” by Peter L Hirsch

“Ask for the Moon” by Percy Ross

“Awaken the Giant” by Anthony Robins

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” Susan Jeffers

“Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie

“The power of your subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy

The Which Guide “Buying Property Abroad”


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