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Good To Meet You

Good To Meet You


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Successful mother and daughter team with over 50 years combined experience in the sales and marketing industry are making available all the knowledge and tools you will need to set up your own successful on line business from home.

Samantha and I know all too well how hard it is to bring up a family and have a career at the same time, life has thrown some serious curved balls to us both over the years! 
Having juggled family, further education to degree level and held numerous sales and marketing jobs for well over 50 years, we feel empowered now to share the secrets needed for women worldwide to achieve success through online marketing from home. ( This business is suitable for virtually anyone, with a strong desire  to succeed).  We are both enjoying the luxury of new overseas holiday homes and a life of abundance, would you like this to be YOU?

If you have a few hours a week, a computer and internet connection, it’s time to look at Affiliate Marketing, with the help of Sara Staar my coach and mentor and a passionate desire to succeed is all you need to change your life.
Success to your new Venture
Anne and Samantha

For reference here are some specialists in different areas:

Martin Shevrington… Google +

Marie Smith… Facebook

Kiss Metrics… Twitter

Kim Roach… Blogging, Traffic

Martin Avis… Newsletter

Sarah Staar… Video Training in Marketing

You will find many more if you make a Google search, but initially with a good coach training is made simple.

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