10 Tips for Free SEO Traffic

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 SEO or search engine optimization, is a way of preparing your website content to obtain as much free traffic as possible from the search engines as they send crawlers out to inspect websites and their content. 

Why would you want to get onto Page One?

The aim is to get your webpages on Google page one so that people searching will choose your website to view.  If you are on page one of Google, the perceived feeling is that you are a reputable website. So having got there you are likely to get even more clicks.

  1. Google likes titles to be relevant to the content of the article.  The keyword should be at the beginning of the title and on the left hand side.
  2. Pages should have relevant information and match to the keyword.
  3. Content should be fresh and updated, with regular information added to the website, to encourage the crawlers to keep visiting and the webpage to remain high in the searches.
  4. Links to and from high value sites. e.g. Graig’s list, Amazon, Article Directories etc.
  5. Google loves video, use keywords in video titles and picture tags.
  6. Use Google Analytics.
  7. Use Google Webmaster Tool and Sitemaps.
  8. Use Meta Tags on webpages.
  9. Use Meta Titles & Descriptions on all information pages.
  10. Know your keywords and use carefully. 2-3 keywords per 100 words in the article.

However write the articles to be read by people not specifically for SEO crawlers.  They should be full of information interesting and to the point.  Not rubbish articles with no useful content.

If you have further traffic tips you would like to share with readers, we would love to hear from you!

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