10 Must Ask, Questions When Starting Online

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  1. Why Do I Want My Own Business?

Nowadays with a lack of stability in the job market many people are considering subsidizing their income with their own business. With the intention of growing it to fund their early retirement, retirement plan, help with schooling costs etc. Or maybe to pay for holidays and other luxuries, or even just for security.

2.  Why Choose An Internet Business?

The Internet is actually in it’s infancy. Now is a great time to get involved. Youngsters are being trained in schools so that in the future the Internet will be an even greater part of everyone’s lives. Get in now and benefit from the growing trend.

  1. How Will I Fund My New Venture?

Beginning a business online is one of the most cost effective ways of starting a business. Compare it with a high street business, with the cost of premises, stock staff etc. If you are already in business it is relatively easy to set up an online presence.

You may be funding your fledgling business from a redundancy package, savings or a bank loan. You could start on a shoe string, funding it with small amounts of spare cash monthly, beginning as a hobby and growing slowly and surly.

Now I’m not advocating getting into debt to start a business, however, because of the low start up costs, and the availability of 0% credit cards, it is possible to arrange up to 3 years of 0% credit whilst you build your business. This will depend on your credit rating, however it is possible to set this up on the internet in a few minutes.

    4. What Time Can I Commit To My Business?

How much time can you regularly commit to your fledgling business. New skills to be learnt, research etc. would it be 2 hours a day, 20 hours a week or somewhere in between? It is better to work out a schedule at the beginning and commit to it. Do something every day towards your business, that way you will not forget the new skills you are learning. It will keep it all fresh in your mind until it becomes a burning desire and passion that you find yourself thinking of and planning all the time.  (Your subconscious mind will then pay an integral part in helping you build your business, sending you intuitive message if you are willing to listen.  You may begin to get intuitive hunches as you subconscious is always trying to help you reach your goals if that is what you focus on).

As you begin seeing results you will be even more inspired. Get the backing of your family, you need to get them behind you if your venture eats into the time you normally spend with them. Program family time too, or you will feel guilty and they will be resentful, of your new venture, long term they will benefit too. Maybe they have skills that would help you too?

It may mean early starts or late evening sessions for a while commit to whatever it takes to reach your goals, though not at the expense of family time. Cut out some TV time, or time with your mates. Be excited by your new venture and enjoy learning new things.

  1. How Long Will It Take To Start Earning & Should I Give Up My Job?

How long is a piece of string? I don’t know you or how committed you are, or what skills you have already. But persistence pays off, be serious and treat it like any growing business. Give it regular attention.

I would recommend beginning small as a hobby business, expecting it to take a while to replace your income. It will obviously depend how much time and effort you can commit, how soon you invest in paid traffic, and how much previous knowledge and expertise you have. You may decide you like your job and wish to continue with it anyway, enjoying the extra cash and what it provides.

The sky it the limit when you work for yourself. There are Millionaire internet marketers and hobby marketers and many in between, it depends on your goals and what is right for you. Enjoy the journey and learning your new skills.

  1. How Can I Learn Internet Marketing And How Do I Start?

Personally I would recommend finding a good Mentor – someone who is a perfect fit for your skill level, and personality. Someone who has already developed a system that works with a proven track record. Why reinvent the wheel, time is too precious a commodity to waste it. Time is saved this way as you are working a proven plan, a bit like an apprenticeship. Just be careful to choose someone to direct you that you can respect and can work with. Choose someone who remembers what it is like to be a beginner but has many years of experience.

You need someone who is genuine and always offers value for money and guarantees on his or her products. I have got to know a number of millionaire internet marketers who are generous with their time and advice, (which is why they have done so well). These people get a kick out of helping others achieve their goals too, as long as they put in the work.

To get started there are many programs on the market to help beginners, but first you need to explore what area of internet marketing suits you and your lifestyle, skills etc. This takes us to the next step.

  1. What You Will Actually Do Online.

There are 101 things you could do online. It could be web design, a dating site, recommending grannies recipes, selling your own products etc. However information products are a good starting point especially as they are downloadable. No delivery costs etc. They are quick to produce, and very popular. This is the information age! Here I am going to introduce 3 business ideas that might suite you….

  1. Is Affiliate Marketing The Right Choice For You?

Affiliate marketing is selling other peoples products for a pre-arranged commission. It has advantages and as many products available as you can think of, just Google your favorite niche for both actual products or information products offered on affiliate programs.

Some Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing:

  • You don’t need your own products.
  • You don’t need a big budget to start.
  • You earn commission from your affiliate link code.
  • You don’t need stock or to deliver products.
  • You have some support from the product provider.
  • Emails, banners, professionally written sales letters maybe provided.
  • Some training may be provided.

Choose a provider that offers concise information so that you know exactly what to do. Make sure the products offered are value for money, tried and tested, also that they are desirable and saleable.

  1. Membership Sites, Is This Your Favorite?

The great thing about a membership site you have ongoing commissions for as long as the customer stays subscribed. For example a £30 membership over 12 months could bring in £360. Repeat payments all from one customer! Imagine this with 100 customers, or 1000!!!

When you write an article or lesson, it is shared by all your members. Also much of your website can be automatic. Many topics are suitable for membership sites, so just a case of researching your niche.

    10.  How Would You Like To Write Short Stories, Instruction Manuals etc.

Is writing your forte? Could you learn to write short reports, stories, or manuals? Did you realize they only need to be 10 or so pages long?

Amazon sells downloadable e-books for kindle users. This is becoming a very popular venture, very profitable and rewarding.

How would you like to make large profits with small reports? An exciting enjoyable venture.

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