10 Easy Ways to Turn Your Articles Viral With Less Work

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Anne O'Dwyer, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

 We all want easy ways to achieve our goals. To bring traffic to our websites, increase our on-line footprint and spread our word: to let our message be known throughout the world wide web.

 It’s very exciting you see your keyword titles popping up on page one of Google all over the place. Here’s how it can happen with very little extra effort. Once your articles are “out there” they go viral and are picked up by other directories, bloggers etc.

 First write brilliant articles, take your time , research your topic, and make them articles that people want to read, on topics that your niche are hungry for. Give the articles exciting compelling titles that make people eager to read them, that in some way are helping them, teaching them, interesting or amusing them.

 In the bio at the end make sure your links work properly and are linked to interesting pages on your website, so the visitors are not disappointed and click away. The writing should be informative, clear good English and checked for spelling and grammar.   Make the articles interesting, tell a story.

Stories get passed on, and have done since man first walked the earth.

  1.  First submit your articles to good directories. I have found these two helpful for me ezinearticles.com and docstoc.com, but there are many you can choose from if you Google article directories.
  2.  Find bloggers looking for guest writers. Look of forums Facebook and Google to find interested writers in your niche. Check their websites for suitability and to look at there style, content etc.
  3. Having made some contacts exchange articles with other article writers in your niche this will give your visitors a different perspective on your theme. Say you have a guest writer and make it a special event.
  4.  When you have a series of related articles these can be turned into an eBook by adding an introduction, perhaps some extra chapters,       (ideas) and a conclusion.       These can be given away as bonuses, or given away on your website with an opt-in box to build your list.
  5.  Take the ideas or paragraphs from your articles and make them into 5 part series that people sign up for on your website, with an opt-in box to collect more perspective customers for your list.       Follow up with a series of email with your auto-responder.
  6.  Combine several articles to make a report, a smaller version than an eBook and get people to sign up for it on your website.       Advertise it on classified online ads, or some forums, for free. Remember crowd pulling titles.
  7.  Use you articles in parts, in your auto-responder emails or take the ideas   from them. These are the follow up messages your visitor receives when they leave their email in exchange for your free report etc.
  8.  Use your articles in your newsletters, you can divide them up as a sequence or use the best bits and ideas.
  9.  Take the ideas from your articles and make captions on a theme, combine them with photos to make a video message on Animoto.com. short videos are free to make. These can very easily be embedded into your website of uploaded to Facebook or You tube.   The instructions are simple and backing music is provided and automatically plays as the slides move into place. It’s awesome have a go if you haven’t made a video before.       It’s a brilliant free tool.
  10.  Last but perhaps best, take a collection of great articles, combine them into an eBook with a great introduction and conclusion, chapter title page etc. and publish it on Clickbank.com. Encourage affiliates to sell it to and it will certainly go viral. Make sure there are links back to your website at the bottom of each page.
  11.  This one is a bonus: Record your article as an mp3 for people who don’t like reading, or joggers.

 Well as you work through these suggestions and implement them your visitors will certainly grow. Make sure everything you write is top quality, interesting and gives good value, and you will have happy customers returning to your offers.

I love writing articles, and researching them, you will probably find the more you write the better they become and the more you enjoy the task. If it is a topic you are passionate about what better way to spread the word!

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